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Signaling Strategies



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“At a stop sign, in your cars, you and another person ‘make eyes’ at each other.”

“At a dinner house, you smile at the lovely person across the room; she smiles back.”

“At the beach, you show non-verbal interest in the chaperoned girl. She reciprocates.”


You and another have made eye contact and have started a positive non-verbal communication, but you are not in a position, for whatever the reasons, to talk to each other, so you signal your interest to each other and later meet up at CueMeUp.com.


We are asking you to use these recommended signals, but we realize that you may have to be creative at times for sensitive situations.  However, the more uniformity we have, the more people will be able to communicate with each other. 


One of the two persons (or more persons in some cases) who are interested in each other initiates the first signal; then the other person mirrors or replicates the signal if he/she is also interested. If you consider mirroring as too obvious for the situation that you are in, then reach across your body with one of your hands and rub your shoulder.  This signal is the same a mirroring for all signals initiated your way.


                                            Places, situations and signals to use


For outdoor medium distance, such as a football game                      peace sign

or two people in cars stopped alongside each other.                         thumbs up

                                                                                                  okay sign


Situated across a room, such as a nightclub, dinner house                rub ear lobe

or even a small arena or convention center, or close-by, at              hand behind neck

a beach or swimming pool, mostly facing each other.                          rub chin



For long distances, but with the other still in view, use                         aloha sign

these more open-hand signs.                                               2 hands behind neck                                                                                      

                                                                                                   okay sign


For situations like mixers or the beach, try these signals                  rub ear lobe                                                                                        


                                                                                         point to cell phone   


A word about signaling the 'call me' sign--the thumb to the ear with the little finger put near the mouth:  Some cell phones are internet enabled and some are not, so if you want to use this signaling method, we suggest you give the 'call me' sign, and if the other party mirrors that, then point to your cell phone, signaling that it is internet enabled.  If the other party points to their cell phone, then you should have a way to match up via your cell phones and CueMeUp.com.  We are working on our mobile wireless application at this time, and it is coming soon.


Remember, reaching across the body and rubbing the opposite shoulder is confirmation of interest and can be used with any signal. Meet up later at cuemeup.com and good luck.


Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Email us your suggestions.

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