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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we have to use the signals suggested by cuemeup.com?

For this FREE service to you, we require you to read Signaling Strategies, but we do not require you to use our signals.  We encourage you to use our suggested signals because uniformity puts everyone on the same page. The key part of our process is mirroring the signal of another, which means the two persons have opted into the idea of going on cuemeup.com and getting to know each other.

  1. You suggest the ‘peace sign’ as one signal to use to cue your interest to someone else in another car.  Is the ‘peace sign’ universally accepted?

Yes, but with a few exceptions.  Make sure you don’t move the peace sign up and down, and that your palms are facing outward from you. If you are traveling, please visit the internet and find out what the various hand signals mean for a particular culture or country. Please visit our ‘Signaling Strategies’, where most signaling questions are answered. 

  1. What is the procedure to follow at cuemeup.com so I can find that beautiful girl whose eyes were flirting with me on the beach?

Register or sign up (they are the same thing), we will send you an email so you can log-in, then we will present you with a Personal Webpage where you will see a 'Click here to find a person'. Click on that button, fill-it out the form, submit it, and if there is a ‘match’, then we will notify you by email, and post that match on your Personal Webpage.  Next to the posting of the Match Found, you will see a button for ‘email your match’ where you can anonymously email each other.  Whether you stay anonymous or not is up to the two of you.

  1. What does ‘no match found’ mean. 

If you see a ‘no match found’ posted on your Personal Webpage, that means the information you submitted on the Data Submission Form does not match up with anyone in our database with a 60% or higher match. He/she may be looking for you at cuemeup.com, but either of you may need to lower your percentage threshold or edit your search and resubmit it. 

  1. I would prefer a percentage match higher than 60%.  Can I determine the percentage match?

Yes, on the Data Submission Form, members can set an acceptable percentage matching number, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% or 100%.  The 60% number is the default number where any match below that will cause us to send out a ‘no match found’ email

  1. Does ‘no match found’ mean that I will never have a chance to find this person online?

No, we put an Update Search button next to your posting of ‘no match found’ on your Personal Webpage. When you use this function, cuemeup.com will search our database again for a match between you and the other person.  If you finally find a match, we will notify you and enable your anonymous email so you can contact him/her.   

  1. I keep querying my ‘Update Search’ button but I continue to get no results.  Have any strategies for this?                                                                
    Maybe he/she changed his/her mind and decided not to follow up--    interested eye contact or instant attraction can be whimsical.  Or, maybe he/she has set his/her ‘percentage match’ too high, at 90% or 100%, in which case your submitted data must not have any misrecollections. Or, you need to select a lower percentage threshold.

    8.    What if the other person gets angry at me for signaling?

You have to go by your instincts. Some people are just extra friendly and don’t mean anything in particular by smiling at you. Try to notice if that person is smiling at other strangers in a similar way.  If you are sure that you are the focus of his/her attention, then go ahead and signal him/her.

    9.     I kept signaling him/her, but he/she never returned my signal.

He/she probably does not know about cuemeup.com.  Spread the word about this website so more people can hook up.

   10.    What makes “cue me up” different from other similar websites?

      First, Cuemeup.com is a one-of-a-kind.  It puts the odds  in your favor by offering a permission-based person-to-person matching  process;                 we take the chance out of meeting new people.         

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